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Youtube Channel

2011-08-18 22:38:49 by MacSimon

SO I MADE THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL oh god i feel so dirty.

New Animation Coming Soon

2011-05-11 10:57:41 by MacSimon

I'm working on a new one, this time with full background, voices, and 24 fps.

It will have subtitles as it will be done in spanish. Sorry but my main target isn't really yours, guys. I can't do cash from you guys as i live in South America.

New Animation Coming Soon

New Flash = RainForest

2011-05-04 01:24:11 by MacSimon

Go check it out.

New Flash = RainForest

Hey 2

2011-04-21 19:31:56 by MacSimon

New flash! This is from a comic i make. I love your reviews, guys! This place really rocks.


2011-01-30 12:00:46 by MacSimon

So i made a flash called "The Day i End", i made it in 1 hour so it kinda sucks compared to metal gear or something.

Big News

2009-10-03 20:13:00 by MacSimon

I got Flash, but i'm not feeling like...learning to use it, not even with the tablet, so...


New in place. So yeah.

2009-03-24 19:52:34 by MacSimon

After seen enough series and played some games on NG, i decided to make an account.
I still don't do neither Animation or Programming, and still need a better microphone for voice acting.
That's what i call a noob and now i am.

He-loo. :P